Workforce Development


Our dedicated staff and strong partnerships allow us to:
  • Increase resources to our clients
  • Position job seekers for current and future employment opportunities
  • Provide businesses with resources to develop their workforce and establish a local presence

What Our Job Seekers are Saying About Our Services

"The networking and support group has been extremely valuable...just having a chance to interact with others who are in the same situation I am facing has been a great assistance."

"Without this program I would not really have a place to go to network. I would be alone in my job search and this program is the only positive force that is out there for the unemployed. There is nothing else in this area for the unemployed. This is our support group."

"The Douglas County program has been invaluable to my entire family...from job searches to simply making ends meet at home."

"Any time people can come together and network or discuss their situations and circumstances of their lives it is an opportunity to improve their outlook on life."

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